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Welcome to the MyGica Wiki,
the full wiki for Mygica products and troubleshooting.

Getting Started

Here is the official MyGica Wiki! Here you will find the latest information on all Mygica products. We will be updating the wiki as time progresses and we encourage users to contribute as well to help expand our database!
Here are few pages you can check out to get started:

MyGica Enjoy TV Box

Mygica-495-front.png ATV495 X Atv1900pro.png ATV495 Pro Mygica-495-front.png ATV495 Pro HDR Mygica-495-front.png ATV495 Pro Mygica-495-front.png ATV495

Discontiuned MyGica Enjoy TV Box

IPC-3700-front-small.png IPC3700 Atv1900ac.png ATV1900ac Atv1800E.png ATV1800E Atv586.png ATV586 Atv585.png ATV585

Earlier Discontiuned MyGica Enjoy TV Box

Atv1200.png ATV1200 Atv582.png ATV582 Atv520E.png ATV520E Atv400.png ATV400 Atv500X.png ATV500X