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 The ATV585
 Operating system          Android 4.4.2
 Power                     5 volts
 CPU                       AmLogic S802
 Memory                    1GB DDR3
 Storage                   8GB
 Graphics                  Mali450
 Sound                     A/V, HDMI, S/PDIF
 Connectivity              IEEE 802.11 b/g/n  10/100 Ethernet


The ATV582 was released in 2014 as the first official 4K successor to the MyGica. It is equipped with a quad core AmLogic S802 and the Mali450 video processor. It is capable of scaled 4K playback, as well as nonscaled 4K playback. This was the first Mygica device to support OTA updating and also migrated from 4.4 and upgrade to 5.0 soon..

User Manual

Here is Official usermanual [1]

Firmware upgrades

1. You need a MicroSD Card Over 512MB

2. Toothpick to place your box to recovery

3. Download this file [2]

Un-official OpenElec

Revert Back to Android

You have OpenElec and want to install the Android OS back


There are two version of ATV582 came out, 2014 edition and 2015 edition

1. ATV582 2014 Edition came with KR60 Remote

2. ATV582 2015 Edition Came with KR40 Remote

KR60-good.png KR40-front.png

Tips and Tricks

Hard Reset

How to Fix Sound

Headline text

XBMC shrank, or not full-size display

We have Video Walk through for this too