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This is 3rd Remote MyGica brought up, which is very stable and very good to use, battery last for ever.

More info

Can use with Andriod TV Box, Google TV Box, Jadoo 4
Motion Remote
2.4GHz, Air Mouse
Batteries Included
USB Wireless
1. Power
2. LED Indicator
3. Rewind & Fast foreword Button
4. Skip Back or Ford Button
5. Stop
6. Play/Pause
7. Magnifying Glass Bigger or Smaller button
8. Menu
9. Home
10.Return / ESC
1. Navigation Buttons
2. Ok Button in Middle
Right Side
1. Volume Up and Down
Left Side
1. Page up or Page down
1. Mute
2. Air Mouse on or off
Numeric Numbers
Left hand side Shortcut Buttons
1. Netflix
2. Kodi
3. PlayStore
4. Info
There are color buttons at the bottom not map yet


A New way of keyboard setup


Without this dongle aka USB connection your remote wont work with any devise, you need to keep it safe

How to Pair

1. Hook up the Dongle at your box, make sure your box is turned on


2. Place the remote very near to the box


3. Press and hold OK and return button



Trouble Shooting