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 The ATV1200
 Operating system          Android 4.2.2
 Power                     12 volts
 CPU                       Amlogic A9
 Memory                    1GB DDR3
 Storage                   8GB
 Graphics                  Mali400
 Sound                     A/V, HDMI, S/PDIF
 Connectivity              IEEE 802.11 b/g/n  10/100 Ethernet


The ATV1200 was released in 2013 as the first official successor to the MyGica. It is equiped with a dual core Amlogic A9 and the Mali400 video processor. It is capable of scaled 1080p playback, as well as nonscaled 1080p playback. This was the first Mygica device to support OTA updating and also migrated from 4.1 to android 4.2

Firmware & Re-flashing

For all firmware and re-flashing related issues with the ATV1200, see the ATV1200-firmware article.


There are two different remotes came out with ATV1200

Kr34.jpg Kr60.png

There are two type of Remotes for MyGica ATV1200

1. KR34 2. KR60

User Manual

Here is user manual in PDF [1]
Here is our Video Manual ATV1200VideoManual

Inputs/Outputs Version 1

 1. 12 Volt Power Connection
 2. RCA & Component Connections
 3. S/PDIF
 4. HDMI 1.3
 5. Ethernet 10/100 Full Duplex Port


Inputs/Outputs Version 2

 1. 12 Volt Power Connection
 2. RCA Connections
 3. S/PDIF
 4. HDMI 1.3
 5. Ethernet 10/100 Full Duplex Port


 Side V1 & V2
 1. 4 USB 2.0 Ports
 2. SD Card Slot


Tips and Tricks

This is for advanced users only. Changing these settings without proper knowledge can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Enabling Developer Options

1. First Select Settings.


2. Scroll Down and Select Developers Option


3. Select USB debugging, and Click ok


Common Troubleshooting

Cache Wipe Failed

Here is yet another 101 video on how to master reset your MyGica ATV1200

Why Hard Reset:

 1. If your box is not functioning properly
 2. Having a lot of issue with your apps
 3. WiFi is not connecting
 4. screen freezing a lot
 5. You want to give the box to someone for good and want everything wiped

Boot loop, Soft Brick, Recovery Screen

For BootLoop or Stuck at Recovery Screen and Remote not fuctioning

Follow these steps to help, Click on the Picture


Upgrading Kodi

XBMC shrank, or not full-size display

We have Video Walk through for this too